Rowing machines: Great For The Core And Burning Stubborn Fat

A rowing machine is an incredible device for doing workouts and maintaining fitness. Unlike a bike that uses the only lower body, the rowing machine works your upper body, core and also legs. So, various benefits can be achieved by simply using the rowing machine. You can strengthen your core, burn adequate calories and make an attractive shape of the body by performing regular exercises using the rowing machine. Thus, it would not be wrong in saying that a rowing machine is an excellent machine that is great for the core and burning stubborn fat.


Great For The Core

In the past, there was a question that whether a rowing machine is efficient enough to build abdominal muscles? Well, the answer is a big yes as using a rowing machine involves all the body muscles especially the core muscles and so provides a full body workout. The core muscles are one of the targeted muscles that are involved in any rowing activity. The upper body muscles such as abs, biceps and rhomboids & the lower body muscles such as buttocks, quads and calves also receive a great workout from the rowing machine. So, an effective strengthening of core and ribs can be achieved by using this fantastic machine.

The rowing motion used in performing exercises causes a considerable contraction of the abdominal muscles. It means that a person has to work out harder and uses more strength to continue the rowing activity. The harder is the workout done by him, the more he will be able to strengthen his core and various other muscles. Moreover, working out with higher intensity can improve the stamina and enhance the core of any person.

Burn Stubborn Fat


Using a rowing machine, a person can burn calories at a faster rate than using any other exercise machine. As, by performing an efficient workout on a rowing machine, a person who weighs 180 pounds can burn about 370 calories in 30 minutes. While using any other machine he can consume less number of calories in the same time. The reason behind this is the involvement of all the different body muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, back and arms when using the rowing machine. Here you can learn about usage of elliptical .

The intensity used on a rowing machine is also an important factor in burning stubborn fat. If the person uses his more strength and performs high-intensity workouts, he can burn more fats and lose weight quickly. The contraction of abdominal muscles and other movements involved in rowing helps in burning persistent fat of any individual.

Other benefits

There are also other significant benefits of a rowing machine that helps in making the core stable and burn a large fat of the body –


  1. Cardiovascular Benefits – Using a rowing machine is an aerobic exercise that increases heart rate and provides energy. The lungs and respiratory organs also function in a better way by performing these exercises daily.
  2. Low Impact Exercises – The rowing machine offers low impact exercises and so there is less risk of any injuries. So, any person can do workouts on the rowing machine and strengthen the core without any hurt or stress.
  3. Multi-tasking – A rowing machine is a very convenient machine that can be used in the home and perform other tasks such as watching, reading, etc. By placing the rowing machine in the front of the TV, a person can enjoy TV and also take benefits from exercising.
  4. Reduces Stress – Cardiovascular workouts increase the amount of endorphins that are released in the body. The efficient workouts can even lift feeling of depression of any individual. So, a person can reduce stress and also burn calories by just using a rowing machine.
  5. Safe And Easy – A rowing machine is very safe and easy to use by a person of any age, size and weight. Thus, any individual can use this machine and get benefits such as strengthening the core and burning stubborn fat.



Summing up, a rowing machine is an excellent machine that can help in making a perfect physical shape of a body. You can use this machine at any place and burn lots of calories in a short period. As the activities on a rowing machine involves all the body muscles so that you can achieve cardiovascular workouts of the entire body.

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