My Story

Hi Guys,

I’m Pace Smith. My family is originally from Germany, but my grandfather moved to the United States after World War 2 in search for a better life. He had to struggle quite a bit, but eventually was able to do really well for himself and give my father the head start that he never had. My family settled in Los Angeles, California and did pretty well for themselves. Today they own a few vineyards apart from a couple gas stations and other small businesses. I grew up with all the creature comforts that one could imagine and went to best schools that money could afford. However, for some reason I developed an aversion to the rich and privileged lifestyle and often felt uneasy and restless, until I found my passion.

I started climbing pretty early on, around the age of 10 or 12 and instantly fell in love with it. Although my dad didn’t approve much, my mom always supported and encouraged my passion. Over the weekends, and given the slightest opportunity, I would quickly escape to the nearby wilderness and find different boulders to climb. It wasn’t until much later that I actually visited a climbing gym and started practising at the gym. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve first started to climb and boulder and my love for it is still as strong as when I began. I simply love the feeling of being on the rock and figuring different routes to climb and solving tough boulder problems.

I dropped out of UC Berkley in my second (which my folks hated) year of engineering and decided to live out of my car and find the next big rock to climb. I simply had to follow my heart and for the greater part of twenties I just climbed and travelled the majority of California. I made some amazing friends and learnt a lot about the rich history of Climbing in California.

Over the years I have developed insanely tough fingers, arms, shoulders and a really strong core and legs. Owing to all the questions I have received regarding training, I thought to create a blog and share my training experiences as well as the different routines and workouts that I engage in. On this blog you will find all kinds of guides and tips to build strength and stamina. Please write to me if you have any questions and,

Always follow your heart.

Pace Smith