What Are The Health Benefits of Routinely Riding a Stationary Bike?

The exercise of any type is used for enhancing the physical fitness and wellness of an individual. Exercise using a stationary bike is a very effective way to have a good physical shape and maintain a good health. Now there are various models of stationary bikes which are designed with the latest technology and thus providing us a cardiovascular workout. So According to different types of stationary bikes, there are different health benefits that can be obtained if riding is done in a proper routine.

Upright and Recumbent

Types of Stationary Bikes and Benefits They Provide

There are two types of stationary bikes –

  • Upright
  • Recumbent

Upright bikes are designed much like the ordinary outdoor bike in which and On the recumbent bike, you can recline on a backrest with your legs stretched out to the pedal. This provides more support than the upright bike when pedalling with more comforts. Upright bikes provide benefits such as the ability to stand while pedalling resulting in the exercising of a large number of exercise groups, especially for overweight persons. So both types used in different positions gives different advantages for different persons.

Health Benefits of Routinely Riding a Stationary Bike

There are very large number of benefits which can be acquired if we ride stationary bike daily or in a perfect routine. Some of them are as follows :–

  1. Weight Loss – Overweight and the problems related to this has been very common now. Thus with the help of this bike it becomes easy to lose your weight easily in a quick succession. What it does as it burns the calories very efficiently e.g riding a bike at a moderate pace burns 210 calories in just 30 minutes. This means more the number of calories burned, more the weight which is lost.
  1. Improved Respiratory System –If we do a regular exercise then  we can strengthen our heart and lungs leading to improve body’s ability to utilize the amount of oxygen we take. Moreover this will also decrease our blood pressure and the heart rate resulting in overall improvement of the Respiratory function.
  1. Strengthening of the muscles – Different types of activities done on a stationary bikes provides strength to different muscles of the body. As Pedaling down on the pedals makes the quadriceps stronger while pulling down strengthen the hamstrings.These bikes causes less stress on the knees leading to their improvement. Thus all types of muscles becomes stronger using these bikes.
  1. Low impact – A stationary bike provides a very low impact which allows us to exercise without putting too much stress on the spine. This gives a gentle workout to everyone. So, Cardiovascular exercises can be done in a very efficient way using the bike without stressing the joints of the body. By doing this also we are away from the cardiovascular diseases.
  1. In Rehabilitation Process – All physical therapists prescribes to ride a stationary bike if u suffer from any injury or a surgery. This helps to do efficient workout which makes the injured person to get back his lost strength in the muscles and the joints.Some balance problems are also reduced or vanished away using this bike.
  1. Protects Immune System – Regular bikes also makes our immune system more efficient so that it can fight against the germs easily and protects us from the diseases like Cancer etc.
  1. Reduces Arthritis Pain – As there are pain of various forms of arthritis which causes people to discontinue their exercise, stationary bikes with low resistance gives them some comforts to do exercise. Moreover if they are exercising using this bike there are additional advantages which are explained above.
  1. Increases Energy – Energy the capacity to do any work  is a vital need for everyone. A stationary bikes also provides this also by burning the number of fats which are there in the body of the individual. Thus more the number of fats burned, more is the energy developed in the man.
  1. Convenient and Effective – Stationary bicycles provides a different kind of cardiovascular workout which is safe and an ideal  exercise,whether there is any snowfalls or any heat wave outside. So we can workout on a stationary bike regularly by doing other activities of home like reading or watching television.
  1. Safe and Easy –Different  persons starts any exercise program very quickly and sometimes forcefully results in muscular and cardiovascular problems.But a stationary bike allows for gradual development of stamina without any risk of falling or maintaining a certain speed.


Summing up, riding a stationary bike is of great use for maintaining good health. It is safe and very easy to use. There is no doubt that it provides the health benefits that are indeed, the need for everyone.

5 Great Fitness Techniques for Actors

Every person wants to have better physique and wonderful body fitness. Whether the person is a common man working day and night for earning the living or he is a famous actor earning thousands/lakh in a single day, all want to have a wonderful body shape. People like actors because of their superb physique and overall personality. Nowadays, maintaining of six/eight abs has become a fashion. The physical fit actors get more work in films, dramas, serials, etc. and these impress large number of audience. Let us look at six wonderful fitness techniques that help in providing splendid muscle strength to actors:

Fitness Techniques for Actors

1. Dance Classes

Along with strengthening of muscles dance also provide the great sense of enjoyment. As actors usually like fun and entertainment so, they can join various dance classes for availing several health benefits. According to the preference, actors select dance classes and prepare them for tasks and stunts. Benjamin Allen’s Groov3, LA DanceFit’s and New York’s Broadway Bodies are traditional dance classes. Actually, these are classes, particularly for famous personalities. And we know that how much popular are our movies actors.

2. Pilates

Named after Joseph Pilates, this exercise is pretty much popular all around the world. This fitness practice was founded in the 20th century. The main principles of Pilates include strength building, posture improving and muscle toning. A person needs to have decent concentration, flow, and control for effectively performing these activities. Whether you are an actor or a common person, you need to learn the particular technique for availing best results from Pilates.

3. Yoga

The ancient yoga activities offer vast benefits to performers. Yoga exercises work both on physical and mental body organs. One can achieve the wonderful sense of spirituality by performing yoga at regular intervals. Yoga activities provide the much-needed control and coordination in various movie stunts. Yoga also helps in gaining self-confidence and converts a flop actor into the successful actor. Therefore, actors can achieve the great amount of success by performing various yoga activities. Yoga is with us for last 1000 years. A person can select the specific form of yoga and enjoy benefits accordingly.

4. Barre Workouts

These are also known as Bar Method fitness activities. Under this technique, people tone as well as enlarge their muscles. The primary purpose of these activities is to increase flexibility and workability of muscles. Actually, these workouts involve low impact and intensity. So, any size or weight can maintain his fitness by performing these exercises. These workouts provide best benefits to Ballet-trained actors and dancers. Because of no involvement of machines, these exercises can be performed at all places whether you are at home or working for organisation.

5. Stunt Training

The combination of acting and exercise is called as stunt training. This training is performed in various forms and styles. After selecting the particular style, people need to pass certain stages for becoming the master of that style. Once he becomes a master he is taken to other style and so on. Step by Step, people tone their thighs, strengthen the abdomen and make the wonderful body shape. Many training centres have been opened in different areas specifically for providing stunt training. One popular centre for actors is L.A Stunts Training Centre situated in Atlanta.


Actors can easily perform difficult movie stunts and scenes by performing various fitness activities at regular intervals. Various dance activities offer vast benefits to ballet-trained actors. Pilates activities focus especially on improving posture, building strength and toning muscles. The ancient fitness practice, yoga is now performed in so many forms and styles. One can perform any type of a stunt by going through all stages of the stunt training.

Rectangle Vs Round Trampoline: Which One Should I Get?

While trampolining is widely known to be a recreational activity there are other benefits of this activity. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) in a study found that jumping on a trampoline was more useful exercise than biking, running and also Frisbee. People rated this to be an easier workout although it has the benefits of a vigorous workout. This is because of the fact that when you do something you love, the enjoyment factor overrules the fact that you are diligently working. It is immensely useful for fun, health and even for sunbathing.

A mini trampoline which is also called as a rebounder or exercise trampoline is often kept indoors and is used as a part of fitness routine and also for leisure activities.

For an average trampoline which is bigger than 10 feet, the minimum age to use is six years. Trampolines designed for kids are smaller than this. If you plan on buying it for teenagers or people older than 14 years, then a 14 feet trampoline will do. Also, remember that it should fit in the place where you plan to fix it.

Does Shape Matters?

The answer is Yes. The shape of the trampoline is not just about its appearance. The bounce, jumping experience, safety, affordability, and suitability according to the type of use varies with the shape of the trampoline. Round, oval, square and rectangle are the four most common forms in which trampolines are available. Out of these, rectangular and round forms are the most prominent.

To help you in deciding which is the better one among round and rectangular trampolines, let’s compare both. However, the answer won’t be as straightforward as you expect it to be.

Round Trampolines

Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are the most recurrently bought trampolines. Round one is a better choice for the families. It allows more consistent bounce due to its well-placed springs around the frame. Also, it is a better option when it has to be placed in an oddly-shaped and less spacious yards. It is more affordable. You require fewer safety measures while using a round shaped trampoline as it naturally redirects the jumper to the centre, regardless of where the takeoff was made, which adds for added safety.

Also, the trampoline being lighter in weight can be easily shifted from one place to another whenever needed. Also, one needs less additional support. Though it’s less significant bounce decreases the risk of injury, its bounce is not as high as a rectangular trampoline comparatively. It is more prevalent among young users. They also don’t support much weight or force. So, the usage of the round one is limited to household recreational use.

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular Trampolines

Rectangular trampolines are bought for professional use in gyms and fitness spas. They have more space for you to jump. These won’t redirect you to the centre as in round ones. These trampolines can take on more weight in comparison to the round ones.

Having a sturdy frame, they absorb more landing force and also give the jumper more space to perform flips and tricks. Rectangular trampoline provides the best bounce experience. The jumper is the only one who decides where to land on the mat. Though this increases the satisfaction of indulging in the amusement activity, it increases the risk of hurting yourself. Hence, it should be used in a supervised setting. The rectangular trampoline offers a higher jumping elevation with a soft landing experience. More than one person can jump at a time, unlike round trampolines. Professional jumpers usually go with rectangular ones. These are best suited for gymnasts, aerialists, and divers. These are less affordable due to higher cost as more material is required for creating a strong, sturdy frame.


Round trampolines are safer when compared to rectangular trampolines as the jumper is always directed to the centre of the mat. But according to research, more than 80% of the accidents happen because of the absence of an enclosure. This enclosure is a mesh screen, fixed around the trampoline which prevents the user getting too close to the edge. Also, checking the trampoline mat for any cuts and if trampoline springs are firmly attached to the mat always helps to be safe.

Weight Limit:

Maximum weight supported by a round trampoline is 400 pounds, whereas for rectangular trampoline it is 450 pounds. Round trampoline supports only one jumper at a time.

Cost Factor:

Round trampolines are cheaper and readily available in the market.

Bounce experience and Altitude of Jump:

Bounce experience and height are higher for rectangular trampoline due to more space for takeoff.


Rectangular trampoline is more suitable for training purposes while round one is most appropriate for refreshment activities. Round trampoline is affordable and more efficient when safety factor is considered. If you want a bigger bounce, a rectangular trampoline is more suitable, but it should be kept in mind that it comes with an expense of higher risk.